PSFA hosts annual Sweets by the Beach event in Belmar


Blot photo by Henry Frieman

Sweets by the Beach was held both in the Belmar Pavilion and outside on the beach. Students ate inside and played a variety of games on the beach.

Emma Barofsky

The second annual Sweets by the Beach event took place on Sept. 27 at Belmar beach as students and families gathered to bond with one another, while enjoying candies, cupcakes, ice cream sundaes, cookies and more.

Ran by the Parent Student Faculty Association (PSFA), this event was held both inside of the Belmar Pavilion and outside on the beach. For many students, the night was an opportunity to spend time with friends. 

Sophomore Carla Vreeland of Matawan said that she enjoyed growing closer with her peers at Sweets by the Beach.

“I think it was a great way to bond because it puts everyone in an environment outside of school to get to know each other,” Vreeland said.

Students that attended the event played activities on the beach such as Spikeball and football. Others brought instruments so that they could perform. As for the adults who attended, they were able to form relationships with each other as well.

Junior Francesca DiMiceli of Middletown explained what the event was like for her parents.

“[The parents] all stood on the balcony and…made a few new acquaintances,” DiMiceli said.

She also said that she was glad that she attended and would definitely return the following year.

“Overall, I had a pretty fun time,” DiMiceli said. “I got to hang with a nice amount of my friends and we had a couple of really good laughs.”