Students start Fall Spirit Week with Make-A-Monster


Blot photo by Leigh Lustig

The Class of 2023 performs their Make-A-Monster routine for a panel of teachers, who judged the competition

Meredith Prud'homme

Fall Spirit Week kicked off on Monday, Oct. 26 with Jersey Day and lunchtime event, Make-A-Monster. Students dressed up in their favorite sports jersey or wore clothes resembling  MTV’s Jersey Shore cast for the first day’s theme. The SGA introduced a new lunchtime activity, Make-A-Monster, described as “an art event in which each grade presents their own original villain, complete with a backstory, costume, makeup and maybe even an entourage.”. Each class presented their three-minute video and presentation in the cafeteria during the second half of lunch.

As the monster for his class, Senior Ryan Swanson of Brielle admired all the hard work the Class of 2020 put into the Make-A-Monster event. The seniors created the theme of “Catastrophe,” a creature that devours its victims’ minds by amplifying their stress and anxiety. 

“It was hectic getting so much makeup on in 30 minutes,” Swanson said. “Vaughn Battista made an awesome video that was really scary, and it was a blast being chosen for the role.” 

The seniors came in second, behind the juniors who presented a cult-like monster titled “The Divine Elector.” The sophomores placed third and the freshmen placed fourth for the event.

Sophomore Sam Skolnick of Hazlet enjoyed the theme and the event and looks forward to everything in store for the Class of 2022 for the rest of the week.

“Dressing up for the theme was so fun,” Skolnick said. “I’m excited to see what happens next and enjoy more of the events.” 

The seniors are currently in first place with 50 points, while the juniors and freshmen tie for second with 45 points. The sophomore class stands in third place with 30 points. A member of the current first place class, Swanson said he plans to approach the rest of the week with an easygoing mindset.

“I was expecting to feel much more stressed because it’s our last one as seniors, but I’m kind of just rolling with whatever happens,” Swanson said. 

Spirit Week will continue tomorrow with Wild West vs. Wilderness Day and the Fall Relay.