The Artist’s Block: Anna Zimmer

The Artists Block: Anna Zimmer

Anna Zimmer

Title: “Spring Ruins”


Artist: Anna Zimmer


In this piece I wanted to visualize that even if something may seem like a “good” thing, it can end up being the opposite. This something can end up feeding on you to the point where you’re left almost hollow and completely consumed by what you once were drawn to. In this artwork, flowers and plants are meant to symbolize the “good” that ends up feeding off the man. Though the plants blossom into beautiful flora, it is at the expense of the man’s being. The title “Spring Ruins” speaks to how the man is now just a corpse in the season when plants bloom, but also to how the man was ruined by the very thing he once believed to be a time of goodness and beauty: Spring.

Dimensions: 12″x12″

Medium: Watercolor, Gouache

Time it took to complete: 4 hours

Fun fact: Three quarters of the way through I thought the piece was unsalvageable but after some more work on it a couple days later it finally came out nicely. Sometimes you just need a fresh set of eyes when finishing an artwork.