Class of 2021 hosts Coffeehouse


Blot photo by Jamie Nickerson

Seniors Michael Landolfi of Tinton Falls and Dane Tedder of Ocean perform at Coffeehouse.

Lana Tomchuk

The Class of 2021 hosted the annual Coffeehouse this Friday, Dec. 6, with the theme of “Amongst the Stars” and featured hosts juniors Jake Polvino of Tinton Falls and Georgia Trentalange of Middletown. The show featured 33 performances, ranging from singing to slam poetry. 

Sophomore Gina Dige of Howell, performed twice, once with friend and fellow sophomore Hannah Schwartzberg of Ocean, and once with the chorus. Dige said she had been practicing for months.

“Me and Hannah had been practicing since the beginning of October. We would do a few run throughs of the song at lunch a couple days every week,” Dige said. “Once we auditioned, we practiced every week to make sure we were prepared.” 

Junior Class Councilmember Beatrice Karron of Manasquan said that there were close to 50 auditions but they could only accommodate 34 acts, making choosing the acts the hardest part of planning. 

“A lot more than one would think went into planning Coffeehouse, we started way back in September where we came up with the theme “amongst the stars” and started thinking about decorating in accordance with the theme,” Karron said. “It was pretty stressful and chaotic the past few weeks, making sure all the details of the programs, tickets, ads etc. were all smoothed out.” 

At the end of the night, the Junior Council thanked everyone for attending and jestingly wished anyone taking the SAT the following day good luck.

The Class of 2021 sold  260 tickets, making over $2500. Mr. Gleason had to bring out more seats during the show because so many people came to watch.