THE ARTIST’S BLOCK: “A Wizards’ Cove” by Adah Shimanovich


“This is my still life from Illustration and Design. We had to pick objects to put in the composition, and when I saw these in Mrs. Fallon’s cabinets, I knew I had to try to make a kind of “wizards’ cove.” I am especially proud of the top of the lantern, because I think I did that part rather realistically. For the background, I originally wanted to do sort of a night sky with clouds blending into a dark table, but due to time concerns I ended up just making it more abstract. Normally, I am pretty traditional in my art choices, but I like when there is a combination of some imagination along with observational drawing. I like the idea of a simple painting. It’s interesting to look for meaning in your own painting without knowing what fell into it. Sometimes it can reveal more about a person than they know.”


Time to complete: Two weeks


Mediums used: Watercolor


Fun fact: “Originally I wanted the background to be a dark table blending into a dark yet colorful sky with stars, but I had no time but I think the background is cool anyways.”