Bailoni feeds local families


Alessandra Bailoni, of the Wall Township Food Services, makes sure no child goes hungry.

Nina Kolodchak

As quarantine continues, many people are experiencing rattling changes. Millions are out of jobs, countless are ill and it is much harder to access food, especially for families with lower incomes. During these times of need, services and businesses around the world have adjusted their practices to make essentials more available to the public. Among these is none other than Wall Township Food Services.

Directed by Alessandra Bailoni, this department has been supplying students and families with school meals during these difficult times. At the beginning of this crisis, families needed to qualify for reduced or free lunch to be given food, but as situations changed, so did these requirements. Currently, Bailoni and her fellow volunteers are serving about 165 students and their families per day free of charge, with no application required. 

They do this efficiently by having a small group of people individually portion all of the food on Friday for delivery the following Monday. These meals include all the components required by child nutrition, along with some snack items. 

When Monday arrives, food items are sorted out and bagged for delivery. These meals include all the components required by child nutrition, along with some snack items. Once everything is bagged for service, volunteers deliver the breakfast and lunch meals for the week to the families in need. 

Though numerous schools have taken part in this act of generosity, it is not required by the state. When asked about this, Bailoni stated that “everyone needs help sometimes,” adding that supplying food for those who may not have access to it is very important to her. 

“Twenty-five years of my life has been feeding children,” Bailoni said. “I enjoy it every single day. It’s a responsibility that I have taken on and want to continue to do, and I think that it’s very important that all of us be thankful for what we have, and not only that but think about what we can give to others.”