MCVSD shifts to fully remote learning for September


The MCVSD school district has made the hard decision of returning to school remotely in September.

Rebecca Heath

On Friday, Aug. 28, 11 days before students in the MCVSD were set to return to classrooms using a hybrid in-person schedule, Superintendent Dr. Charles Ford sent out a letter announcing that due to staffing issues, the district will begin the school year fully remote. 

“We have created a plan that the Board of Education, our Administration, and the District Doctor believe will work in order to bring students and staff back to our schools safely following a Hybrid Plan,” he wrote. “I am saddened to announce that because of significant staffing needs, we will not be able to execute this plan.”

Under the remote schedule, on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, students in the Career Academies will follow a normal building schedule and report to classes virtually through Google Classroom. On Wednesday, students and staff will follow a “condensed remote schedule” so teachers can hold virtual office hours for students. In order to incorporate district resources and technology in lessons, teachers will be expected to provide virtual instruction from their classrooms.

Though rising sophomore Mary Jodry of Neptune City was planning to follow the hybrid in-person plan in September, she believes that because the fully remote schedule has been in place since March, the transition into the upcoming school year will be easier for students and staff. 

“With everyone on the same schedule I think this part of the school year will go a little smoother,” Jodry said. “I think this fully remote plan will be a little bit easier for everyone because we have all done this before and have gotten somewhat used to it.”

Despite the fully virtual start to the school year, Ford wrote that an announcement will be made the week of Sept. 28 to possibly shift to a hybrid in-person learning structure on Monday, Oct. 5. 

“This is a very difficult announcement for me. I truly believe that our students need to return to in-person learning as soon as possible. We will continue to work feverishly to open our doors again in the near future,” he wrote. “We are continually looking for solutions for staffing in which we can keep the continuity of learning at a high level and get our students back to in person learning.”