Students return to school under hybrid schedule


CHS welcomes students back to school for the first time since March.

Emma Barofsky

On Monday, Oct. 5, CHS began its hybrid schedule, and students were able to take in-person classes for the first time since March. On Monday and Tuesday, students in Cohort A were able to physically attend school, while students in Cohort B went to CHS on Thursday and Friday.

Several students feel as if the hybrid schedule will improve their ability to learn this school year, including senior Jacynth Apora who explained that when she is in school, she can focus more.

“Staring at and listening to screens all day makes me very tired so now that I’m in school, I definitely feel that I’m going to be able to learn more,” Apora said. “The first day back at school was definitely one of the…happiest days of my life.”

Many teachers also feel that there are several advantages to physically being in school. Chemistry and Forensics teacher Erin Wheeler said that she enjoys getting to know her students, which is hard to do on the computer. She also feels that students are more willing to interact with her in an in-person learning environment.

“Students feel more comfortable asking questions when they are in-person than when they are virtual,” Wheeler said.

She also explained the cleaning protocols that CHS has put in place.

“Teachers are cleaning desks and chairs between classes,” Wheeler said. “They have hand sanitizer available in their classroom, and are reducing the amount of shared materials among students when possible.”

Other students at CHS have decided to continue learning in a fully virtual format. Senior Gianna Leccese of Colts Neck is among those who will not be entering the building.

“I would have liked to come back from the start,” she said. “But I don’t want to risk someone getting COVID, having to quarantine, and missing a good amount of my sports season.”

Although times are still uncertain right now, a lot of students, such as Apora, have stated that they have found comfort in returning to school.

“I’ve really missed everyone, from students I only get to pass by in the hallways to my friends who make me laugh hysterically and to all the teachers who make everything feel like it’s going to be okay.”