Fall Spirit Week Kicks Off with Kahoot



Fall Spirit Week 2020 starts off with a Kahoot after weather does not corporate with the planned event.

Ryan Lemberger

Fall Spirit Week kicked off Monday Oct. 26 looking a little different than usual. The theme was “Monochrome Monday,” where students dressed in one solid color and the lunchtime event was a Kahoot challenge to test students on their general knowledge.

The SGA had a plan to host an event called “Outside Fun” which was canceled due to rain. The event was going to involve “speed, agility, balance, teamwork and a bit of luck to win the challenge.” With COVID-19 protocols put in place, events cannot be held indoors, so the SGA is hoping to make this event part of Spring Spirit Week. 

Junior class president Liam Stemetzki of Wall was pleased with  the SGA’s efforts.

“Overall I think the SGA did a really great job in making sure that especially with the COVID protocols,” Stemetzki said. “We are able to have good events even with the limitations that come with the current situation.”.

Sophomore class president Lucy Battista of Tinton Falls was upset that Cohort A’s main in-person event was canceled.

“I’m disappointed that we weren’t able to do the outdoor fun activity because we had a really good team and I was really excited for it,” Battista said.

With the Kahoot running longer than expected, and the freshman not getting a chance to eat lunch, freshman class adviser Emily Crelin said that the Spirit Week dynamic has not been too different and was still as competitive and chaotic as in past years.

“It was definitely crazy hectic as Spirit Week always is,” Crelin said.

After the first day, the seniors are in first place with 189 points, followed by the juniors in second with 129 points, the freshmen with 45 points and the sophomores with 40 points, respectively. Even in these unprecedented times, Spirit Week allows for the community feeling to return to CHS in some capacity. 

Spirit Week is something that students always look forward to. It adds comradery between grades and helps to create a school tradition.

“I think Spirit Week is an important CHS tradition and I’m glad that we are partaking in it in some way shape or form, especially it will give [students] some sense of normalcy,” Crelin said.

Fall Spirit Week will continue Tuesday with Halloween for Cohort A and Dress Up/Dress Down for remote students. Cohort A will have the annual halloween costume contest and remote students will have a pumpkin painting contest.