Students participate in annual costume contest on day two of Spirit Week



Fall Spirit Week 2020 celebrates Halloween with Cohort A during the annual Halloween parade.

Lana Tomchuk

Fall Spirit Week continued on Tuesday, Oct. 27 as the in-person students celebrated Halloween with the annual costume parade and contest. 

The costume contest consisted of the usual categories of “best overall,” “funniest,” “scariest,” “best group/pair” and “most original.” This year, the contest featured an additional new category for the best incorporation of a medical/COVID-19 mask. The parade was held in the front hall while the cafeteria was being cleaned.

“Most original” category winner, Junior Allison Borkenhagen of Middletown, who dressed up as a mushroom, thought that the costume contest went well, even with all the changes.

“The contest ran smoothly once everyone quickly got organized, and it was a lot of fun,” Borkenhagen said.

Virtual students participated in Dress Up/Dress Down and a pumpkin painting contest.

After the end of the second day, the seniors are in first with 234 points, followed by the juniors in second with 194 points, the freshman in third with 120 points and the sophomores with 95 points.

Senior Charlotte Frick of Wall said that Fall Spirit Week is bringing a sense of normalcy to her last year in high school.

“It makes CHS feel somewhat normal. It definitely feels strange and doesn’t have the same energy that Fall Spirit Week has had in the past but I think the SGA has done a great job with making it work for the current circumstances,” Frick said.

Fall Spirit Week will continue Wednesday with all students remotely participating in the theme of “High School Stereotypes.” The event for the day is the scavenger hunt, which will take place immediately after the shortened virtual day ends.