Totally tubular: Seniors maintain their Spirit Week lead



Fall Spirit Week Day 4 event is a candy-themed relay race, while Seniors keep the first place spot.

Kara Gallagher

Fall Spirit Week continued on Thursday, Oct. 29 when students got a blast from the past.With the “Decades Day” theme, each class was assigned a different era to dress in the style of. The in-person event was a Candy Relay Race and the virtual event was a Jackbox Murder Trivia Party.

Teams of four from each grade competed in the relay race, with one person at each leg of the race. The stations included sorting, unwrapping and filling bottles with M&M’s. Freshman Kaitlin Brice of Wall participated in the relay race and enjoyed her experience.

“It was crazy,” Brice said.“We had a great time.”

Although the event was originally planned to take place outside, the rain forced participants to run through the halls of CHS to complete the tasks scattered throughout the building instead.

Freshman council member Lydia Olivieri of Colts Neck is overall pleased with how Fall Spirit Week is going.

“There have definitely been a few roadblocks, and there were a few technical issues in the beginning of the day,” Olivieri said. “But, once we got over those, I think it’s going pretty smoothly.”

The juniors won the Candy Relay Race, earning 20 points, and they are followed by the freshmen, sophomores and seniors, respectively.

The virtual students were also able to earn points by dressing up and participating in the virtual event.

With one day remaining, 240 points are still up for grabs. At the end of day four, the seniors are still holding onto their lead with 326 points, followed by the juniors with 281 points, the freshmen with 257 points and the sophomores with 218 points.  

On Friday, Cohorts B and C will dress up in Halloween costumes for the annual costume contest while Cohort A will participate in dress up/dress down day and will be able to compete in a pumpkin carving competition.