The Artist’s Block: Ravenna Gemignani


Ravenna Gemignani

Name of piece: “The After Party

Artist: Ravenna Gemignani

This was the first piece that I made in AP Art this year. I used polymer clay and sculpted it to create a guy with a fishbowl head. After I finished sculpting, I painted it with bright acrylic paint. Then, I photographed the sculpture, brought it into Autodesk Sketchbook, and used Photoshop for the finishing touches. The piece serves as a metaphor for how I have felt throughout junior and senior year. The background represents the fun events that previous grades got to experience such as prom and the senior trip. The character in the foreground represents how I (and many others) have missed out on these events due to the world’s current climate. The subject matter in this piece is a little bit on the darker side, but I felt that it needed to be expressed.

Media Used: Polymer Clay, Fish Bowl, Acrylic Paint, Photoshop, Autodesk Sketchbook

Time Spent: About a week

Interesting Fact: The character in this piece was based on some concept art that I created for an animation over the summer. I never ended up using the character in the animation, but at least I made use of this design in another media.