McManus dresses to the nines for The Zine fashion magazine



McManus was inspired by her unique sense of style and love of fashion to launch The Zine fashion magazine

Sarah Rau

Among the mundane chatter of an elementary school cafeteria, a little fourth-grader walked proudly by the supervising teacher. She was immediately stopped to receive a compliment on her socks. These were not just any socks, as this was not just any student.

As a fourth-grader, Quinn McManus, now a junior from Fair Haven, had gone to school that day wearing “meat socks,” decorated with steak, along with a mismatched outfit.

“It was the first time I saw how fun fashion could be,” she said. “I’ve always been interested in styling clothes, but when I got to CHS, I got a lot more into it because everyone has a very individualistic style.”

Her love of fashion is one of the driving forces behind the creation of The Zine, CHS’s fashion magazine, started in April 2020 by McManus along with a group of friends, all juniors.

McManus is Co-Editor in Chief with Elle Kumpf of Sea Girt, the Co-Heads of Reporting are Eli Tapia of Highlands and Nicola DeGregorio of Middletown, the Co- Web Editors are Isabella Ji of Holmdel and Carla Vreeland of Matawan and the Art Director is Giulia DeFabritus of Freehold.

The Zine Council came up with the club idea while in fitness class.

“We all really wanted there to be one, and it seemed like there would be one at CHS,” McManus said.

When creating each issue of The Zine, McManus mentioned they start by setting up a schedule with starting and ending dates.

She has learned the importance of organization from being a part of and running a magazine.

“You have to figure out a way to schedule things and plan things. People are always willing to do the work and they’re willing to put in the effort, but people like schedules and people like times because a loose plan is just never going to work out.”

Regarding the magazine, McManus is planning on a spring issue, a summer mini-issue and continuing the club next year following a seasonal schedule.

McManus plans to continue working with fashion later in life.

“I would definitely pursue a career in fashion. I think it would be really fun, and I really enjoy clothing design . . . Getting to do something like a fashion magazine gives you an idea of what it could be like working in fashion.”