Finishing last semester in-person remains a virtual reality for some


While some students are returning to the building full time, others are still remaining virtual.

Emma Makin

As things return back to normal at CHS, the question of whether students are remaining virtual for safety reasons or personal preference is raised.

Students at CHS were offered to attend remotely for each marking period or enter a hybrid schedule. Some students chose remote learning as a precaution, worrying about the spread of COVID-19.

Freshman Claire Cooperman of Bradley Beach is virtual to keep her family safe and healthy.

“My brother and I live with our grandma and parents,” Cooperman said. “We were worried about them, so we decided to stay home.”

Freehold sophomore Nina Kolodchak also stayed remote for her parents’ safety and likes feeling less stress than she would in a typical school year.

“I stayed home mainly for my parent’s health because I could be a carrier and get them infected,” Kolodchak said. “I like learning from home because it is less stressful than learning in school.”

Like Kolodchak, Cooperman also feels that there are benefits to learning virtually, adding that she likes being home because she doesn’t have to get up early or get dressed due to just being on the computer. There are also less health concerns in the safety of her house.

“It was hard at lunch because my brother and I had to sit outside to eat and keep our distance from everyone else,” Cooperman said.

Kolodchak stated that she thinks that safety precautions at CHS are great, but her being home was just an extra precaution.

Freshman Brendan O’Brien of Neptune was remote for part of the year for health reasons, but missed being with fellow students.

“I was virtual because of family health problems,” O’Brien said. “But I like being in school because I don’t have to sit alone in my bedroom.”

Graphic design and photography teacher Amanda FitzPatrick reflected on reasons for remote students to remain virtual in the last marking period.

“I think there are a lot of families that are keeping kids home because that is the safest place for them,” FitzPatrick said. “But I also know that in the last week of May it is very easy to just say ‘I’ll be virtual and log onto class from my backyard or the beach.’”