Students reflect on the importance of self-expression



A survey of 67 students from Oct. 30 to Nov. 5

Katherine Manatos

While Communications High School only plans two official spirit weeks, student’s diverse sense of fashion is seen all year round.

Students go about their day in a variety of diverse outfits, ranging from all Adidas fits to cropped button downs, pajamas to suits, and everything in between. Pink bedazzled cowboy hats, fedoras and berets are routine sights within the halls.

“It’s an arts school so kids show up in lots of different styles,” said freshman Fiona Griffin of Middletown. “It makes walking through the hallways feel like you’re in an art gallery.”

While Griffin explained that she tends to not dress as uniquely as some, she appreciates that CHS’s welcoming environment encourages students to express themselves through clothing.

Style, hair color and body art can serve as an outlet for some students, as well as a way to relate and connect with other peers.

Freshman Oksana Kopylenko of Manalapan believes that as long as a student’s image is not harmful to anyone, how they present themselves or what they do to their body should be the student’s choice.

“I feel free to wear whatever I want, and I like that,” Kopylenko said.

While confidence pertaining to self style is empowering, it is not the end all be all. Outfit choice can be an outlet for students however, senior David Pietras of Marlboro explains how self expression is not limited to fashion.

“I think style is important, but I dont think it’s necessary for self expression because for some people that is not their outlet for expressing themselves. But if you do have an interest in clothing it should be expressing you.”

Along with clothing, students also see tattoos, piercings and stick n’ pokes as a way to voice themselves.

“I think tattoos play a huge role in self expression because you’re presenting things that are important to you and your style on your own skin, sort of like you’re permanently wearing your inner thoughts,” said an anonymous student. “They can be really meaningful or completely aesthetic and the only person who truly knows the reasoning behind them is you,” the CHS student said.

Whether it’s a striped tank with bell bottoms, a stylish suit, or a butterfly stick n poke, students continue to dress head to toe in striking outfits, decorating the halls of Communications High School.