Sophomores go bobbing for the lead: Day Two of Fall Spirit Week

Senior Joey Esposito, junior Kara Gallagher, sophomore Isabela Delgado, and freshman Lee Haggard compete in the bobbing for apples portion of the Fall Relay.

Hannah Cohen

Fall Spirit Week continued on Tuesday, Oct. 25 with the theme Bikers vs. Surfers. A sea of leather jackets, bandanas, and Hawaiian flowers cascaded through the halls as students of CHS appeared straight out of “Teen Beach Movie.” During lunch, students participated in the week-long penny-wars competition as well as the competitive Fall Relay. 

With the traditional Fall Spirit Week event, a series of races broke out with students dashing like witches in the Broom Race, bobbing their heads for apples, tossing “eyeballs” to one another and solving mind-boggling riddles. Each class had teams of eight participants.

To kick off the race, two students ran around the halls conjoined by a broomstick. Once completed, they tagged off to another student who plunged their face into a bucket of water to bob for five apples. Two more students then entered the race, as one tossed pingpong “eyeballs” into the other’s cup. The final leg consisted of a riddle, where the sophomores used their problem solving skills to secure the win for their grade. The seniors, juniors, and freshman followed respectively. 

“The last few minutes were tense, considering how many riddles there were,” said sophomore class president Phineaus Whedon of Wall. “I thought we won two or three times before we actually did, so that was pretty nerve-racking.”

This win, along with the daily participation points, boosted the sophomores up to first place with 70 points, followed by seniors and juniors tied for second place with 68 points, and freshmen with 50 points. 

Spirit Week continues tomorrow featuring Anything but a Backpack day along with the fierce dodgeball event. With three more days of Spirit Week left and many points still up for grabs, every grade still has a chance at winning.

“I’m so happy that we were able to take the lead, I knew we had it in us,” Whedon said. “I want to make sure that everybody stays on their A game the rest of the week, and doesn’t let being in the lead get to their head.”