Sophomores take Fall Spirit Week victory

Alex Batzar and Leigh Batzar

The sophomore class destroyed the other grades during CHS’ Fall Spirit Week this year for their first Spirit Week win.

The sophomores ended Fall Spirit Week with 225 points. Next came the seniors with 209 points, the freshman with 183 points and, in last place, the juniors with 176 points.

Fall Spirit Week, ran by the SGA, took place from Oct. 24 to Oct. 28 this year. Classes dressed up for daily themes: HoliDAY, Bikers vs. Surfers, Anything but a Backpack, BBQ Dad vs. Soccer Mom and Halloween. Students participated in events including the annual fall relay, dodgeball and Super Scav to earn points for their grade.

This year, instead of having the traditional daily scavenger hunts, the SGA implemented a new aspect of Spirit Week — Penny Wars. In this event, the winning class kept the money placed in their jug while the money in the other jugs was donated to the SGA. The freshmen won Penny Wars.

This was the Class of 2026’s first Spirit Week at CHS. Freshman Kelly Matthews of Middletown thought that Fall Spirit Week was better than she thought it would be.

“It really exceeded my expectations,” Matthews said. “I participated in Super Scav, which I thought was really fun.”

Spirit Week is a great way for freshmen to get involved in the events at CHS. Some themes had more participation than others, such as the Tuesday theme of Bikers vs. Surfers. SGA President and senior Lucy Battista of Tinton Falls sees that many students like themes with competing sides more than themes without two sides.

“Bikers vs. Surfers and BBQ Dad vs. Soccer Mom had the most participation,” Battista said. “I think when people have the two options it’s a lot easier, so on those days, most classes had 20 points.”

Although Spirit Week is loved by all, some classes enjoyed Fall Spirit Week more than others. Sophomore class President Phineaus Whedon of Wall felt “on top of the world” after winning.

“I’m so proud of everybody that contributed,” Whedon said. “I’m just really over the moon, and even though we didn’t win Penny Wars I’m so happy that we pulled through.”

This year, a new tradition was added to Spirit Weeks — a Spirit Week trophy. It was given to the Sophomores to signify their victory. The trophy will be placed in the winning class’s advisor’s classroom and handed down to each winning class of every Spirit Week.

“I think it [Spirit Week] went really successfully and I’m glad people, even the freshmen, really got involved and got into it,” Battista concluded.