Classmates and friends give it their all during fall sports season


CHS students share their passion for their fall high-school sports season.

Brody Salowe and Shawn Retta

With the school year in full swing, fall sports are back in season. CHS is home to a variety of athletes, from soccer players to surfers, and these students are ready to handle anything that comes their way.

Freshman Rebecca Nemeth of Eatontown is currently playing her first year of varsity soccer for Monmouth Regional High School.

“Since last year’s season was in middle school for me, I would have to say it’s a totally different environment with all new people and a more competitive environment,” Nemeth said. “I love soccer, as competitive as it is, but it can also be super fun. I enjoy being with my team and honestly, it’s so much fun and a huge stress reliever.”

Nemeth started the season on the junior varsity team. Once proving her strong goal scoring talents, she got the opportunity to play on the varsity team.

“A goal I have for this season is to try and score another goal and overall just get more comfortable with playing with older girls,” Nemeth added.

Sophomore Tanner Grigoli of Ocean Township is currently playing his second year of soccer, though it’s his first year on varsity for Ocean Township High School.

“This season, there are no more COVID protocols, which is great. We used to have to wear masks on the bus and in the locker room,” Grigoli said. “But this season feels normal in that sense.”

Throughout the soccer season, Grigoli felt that he has grown closer with his teammates.He believes that this team bonding has led to team success.

“My team is doing pretty well, and we have a strong record of 5-7-1 in the B-North Shore Conference,” Grigoli said.

During the rest of Grigoli’s season, he wants to score at least one more goal – but accomplishing that goal isn’t the only thing driving his love for soccer.

“I love that my sport is so active and competitive. It’s fun when the game gets a little physical,” Grigoli said.

Junior Jack LaRocca of Middletown plays varsity football for Middletown North High School. They finished the season with a 3-5 record. This qualified them for the NJSIAA Section 2 Group 4 playoffs.

“The hard work we put in over the summer helped us get to where we are right now,” LaRocca said.

LaRocca stresses the idea that good teams are made during the fall, but great teams are made through the summer. If you want to win, you must work hard in the off season, and that’s exactly what Middletown North did.

Senior Max Lovas of Brielle is currently surfing his way to the top for the Manasquan High School surf team. He reflects on differences in this year’s season and his team’s overall performance.

“Well, we’ve had a lot less meets with other schools and probably more workout days,” Lovas said. “We’ve won every meet so far and are getting ready to win the bigger competitions coming up.”

During the rest of Lovas’s final season, he plans to try his best and do great in his next big competition. But, that competition is not the only thing fueling his ambition – his love for the sport is too.

“I love the thrill of getting out in the water and how good it feels mentally to catch and perform well on a wave,” Lovas said.

For seniors, this may be their last time stepping foot on the field. Many will have to make a difficult decision on whether they want to continue to play sports in college.

All of these students’ efforts in school sports show the CHS beast that is in all of us. While keeping a strong effort at school, they all have goals that they want to achieve throughout their seasons. All of their goals are what drive them to keep going whether that be in school, on the field or anything in between.