Freshmen mean business on PJ vs Professional day: Day 3 of Spring Spirit Week


Henry Frieman

Freshman Austin Edouard focuses during the technical challenge on Day 3 of Spring Spirit Week.

Isabella San Filippo

The freshmen meant business on Day 3 of Spring Spirit Week, even with some wearing pajamas instead of professional attire. 

The theme on Wednesday, April 26 was PJs vs. professionals, and the events included the daily scavenger hunt and technical challenge. Students searched throughout the halls and classrooms for items including purple pens, catalogs, and claw clips. 

The freshman class caused a major upset. After coming in last place in every Daily Scav, balloon pop, and cupcake wars, they won first place in both of Wednesday’s events. 

Freshmen Skye Huang of Ocean Port, Sophia Losche of Freehold, and Bella Negron of Manalapan brought their A-game in the daily scavenger hunt, and won for their class by finding a CHS water bottle and mug.  

“We only thought we were only going to find one, but we found two because she [Ms. Giangiorgi] had both a mug and a water bottle. And then we sprinted down the hallway!” Huang said.

Following the freshmen in the third daily scavenger hunt, the seniors finished second, the juniors third, and the sophomores last. 

The technical challenge started promptly at 10:55 a.m. 

Each team had a maximum of ten students and worked together to build a catapult in ten minutes. After that, they had 90 seconds to use their contraption to get as many marshmallows into buckets as possible. Each bucket was placed at a different distance from the catapult. A marshmallow shot into the farthest bucket earned 30 points, the second farthest bucket, 20 points and the closest, ten points. 

There were three intense rounds and a final showdown between the sophomores and the freshman, which ended in a victory for the freshman.  

 Freshman Austin Edouard of Ocean came out on top as the MVP of the freshmen team during the technical challenge. Scoring over 300 points in each round, he brought the win home for the freshman. 

“The cheering was mad pressuring, but it felt good when I was making the shots,” Edouard said.

Edouard thanks his “coach,” freshman Russell Sage of Wall, for believing in him. Sage proved to be very happy with Edouard’s performance.  

“I’m really proud of this guy. I knew he could do it, and he pulled through,” Sage said.

After the day’s events, the sophomores are still in first with 170 points, seniors close behind with 160 points, the freshman now in third place with 130 points and the juniors in last place with 128 points. 

Though the juniors are now in last place, they haven’t lost hope. They are ready for a comeback and Junior Vice President Garrett Stemetzki of Wall is confident that Thursday’s challenges and theme including gaga ball, daily scavenger hunt, and high school stereotypes will go well. 

“I have a feeling we’ll gain some good points tomorrow, and with the 80 points going to the winner of lip sync we can definitely come back for the win!” Stemetzki said.