New senior hallway ritual is one for the record books

CHS seniors of the Class of 2023 spin vinyl during their lunch period.


CHS seniors of the Class of 2023 spin vinyl during their lunch period.

Stella Feinstein and Maxine Zahler

If you have heard your parents’ favorite song from the 80’s while strolling through the halls lately, the music is probably coming from the new record player set up in the senior hallway.

Senior Patrick Gallagher of Neptune was the first to bring in a record player. His friends, particularly Max Karp of Bradley Beach, enjoyed the idea – so much so that Karp brought in a second one.

“It started when I brought in a tiny portable [record player] called the Mister Disc and we had played some records on that,” Gallagher said. “Then, Max brought in his record player that we use now.”

Karp recalls that he has been fond of records ever since discovering his parents’ collection in their basement. Now, he searches for his own records anywhere from local shops to Barnes and Noble.

“It’s not a cheap hobby. For something that can generally not sound as good as Spotify, some would see it as irrational,” Karp said. “But it’s enjoyable to have the physical music in front of me.”

Some students may question the point of this addition. Gallagher says that it is to make the senior hallway more cozy. The duo hopes to use their common interest to put seniors at ease and entertain them during their lunch period.

Senior Aaron Diament of Manalapan thinks that the pair is achieving exactly what they set out to do.

“I love the record player setup,” Diament said. “It’s really fun and I feel like it brings everyone closer.”

The song choices, as described by the duo, are an amalgamation of pop-rock, indie and funk records donated by anyone with vinyl on hand.

“A lot of it just comes from my parents’ taste in music, and a lot from my sister who likes a lot of Paramore and Panic! At The Disco,” Karp said.

Principal James Gleason has provided nothing but support for the idea, saying that he thinks it adds character to the senior hallway.

“I like to see somebody spinning some vinyl,” Gleason said. “I think it’s nice for students to unwind a little bit.”