Catwalk costs rise with strange celebrity outfits

As time goes on, celebrity gala outfits get crazier and more expensive.


As time goes on, celebrity gala outfits get crazier and more expensive.

Alex Batzar and Leigh Batzar

From Kylie Jenner’s fake taxidermied lion head to Doja Cat’s 30,000 Swarovski crystals, fans have not been let down with celebrities’ extravagant fashion looks in 2023. All of these ensembles, however, beg the question people have been asking: are celebrities doing too much?

Celebrities wear these lavish outfits to extremely exclusive events, such as the Grammys and different Fashion Week events. Normally, only A-list celebrities are invited to these events, but in recent years, more influencers have been spotted on the red carpet. Many attendees of these events spend thousands of dollars on an outfit that they will only wear once. Some fans criticize this, saying that it’s an unnecessary expense and that it’s absurd to spend such an insane amount of money on a piece of clothing that will only be worn once. On the contrary, other fans think that the extravagant costumes make for a great spectacle to be watched on television.

Junior Danielle Beattie of Wall believes that without the expensive outfits and the exclusivity of these events, there would be almost no appeal to watching.

“I feel like they are very expensive and exclusive, but that’s kind of the point of them,” Beattie said. “If you took that part away, they’d lose the fun aspect to them. I think the expense is what makes it so awesome.”

Many of the expensive outfits worn to these events are shown off to try and make a statement. From 2017 to 2020, singer Joy Villa wore dresses to the Grammys that made political statements. Her 2019 dress read “Build the Wall” and was accompanied by a “Make America Great Again” purse. Over the 4 years, her Grammys outfits bore words that supported former President Donald Trump and his Republican ideals.

This year, for Schiaparelli’s Paris Fashion Week Show, Doja Cat was painted fully red and was decorated with 30,000 Swarovski crystals. The application took approximately five hours, and the entire look was a shock to fans.

Sophomore Molly McCarthy of Manasquan believes that Doja Cat’s look for the event was not something that should be repeated.

“I hated it so much. I get why people think it’s original, but I think it’s ugly and it doesn’t do it for me. I think it’s forgettable,” McCarthy said. “She just dressed in red and wore an ugly dress, I could do that too. I get high fashion, but I want it to look good. It’s definitely a statement, though.”

No matter what celebrities wear to high-fashion events, fans will always have differing opinions on the outfits worn. From simple dresses to ensembles that took five hours to apply, celebrities always wear unforgettable outfits to these events.

“I think she’s [Doja Cat] going to become notorious for this outfit,” Beattie said. “So I guess it’s iconic in a really bad way.”