Defending CHS on the AP question

Media Editor of The Inkblot Mike DeSocio shares his thoughts on our school’s current curriculum.

The addition of Advanced Placement classes to the CHS curriculum would be an unmistakable improvement.  Waging the war for AP, however, has made us lose sight of what we already have.

The value of a current CHS education is something that we have, in recent weeks, started to discount. At this point in the AP class controversy, it’s time to take a step back and appreciate the things that make CHS stand out from other schools.

It may be more obvious for those planning on pursuing the communications field later in life, but a diploma from this fine establishment holds a priceless worth that can’t be found anywhere else. Between the unparalleled elective courses and unique school environment, CHS is practically a breeding ground for success, even without AP classes.

Academics aside, this school gives students an innumerable amount of opportunities that probably aren’t available at your home high school. My life would be drastically different, and probably worse, if I had not attended CHS.  My home high school isn’t a bad place, but CHS introduced me to so many new things and encouraged me to take on so many challenges, both in academics and electives. Without CHS, I probably wouldn’t even own a camera. Shocking, I know.

Throwing academics into the mix, success beyond this high school is still quite possible without AP’s. If you take advantage of the opportunities around you, get involved, and try your best in your classes, you will already be ahead of most students your age.

I have no doubt that if you apply to a college with acceptable grades, a well-rounded list of extra-curricular activities and ambition, you will have little to no problem achieving something great.  I’m not saying colleges will automatically accept you because of your CHS diploma, but if you have your sights set on something, you have a good chance.

If you’re the kind of person who needs concrete proof, just look at our past. CHS students have continuously been accepted to this country’s finest universities and receive praise for their outstanding background and experience.

Yes, AP classes would undoubtedly help our school, however I’d like to leave you with the suggestion of taking a few moments to evaluate and appreciate all of the wonderful things this school already has to offer.

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