Color Wars 11 features limbo, sponge relay

Sarah Lynch

As summer approaches, students gear up for one of the last events of the year: Color Wars.

Each team has held meetings with signups for events during lunch, and purple team members showed their spirit with posters and streamers in the cafeteria.

The annual event starts tomorrow morning after first period. Students are split into 10 teams: pink, light blue, dark blue, orange, yellow, purple, red, gray, black and green. The teams of about 30 people each will compete in contests both athletic and otherwise.

Freshman Mark DiSpigna of Middletown said he isn’t sure what to expect for the spring event. “I’m expecting a lot of fun, since I haven’t participated in this before. It’s going to be cool to feel that competitive spirit in the school,” DiSpigna said.

Last year's Coral team came in last, but It's team chant was spirited.
Last year’s Coral team came in last, but its team chant was spirited.

Freshman Julia Pardee of Freehold agreed.

“I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. Even though I’ve never experienced it before, I know this school gets so into things,” she said.

Although some Color Wars activities will stay the same, such as soccer, volleyball and frisbee, some events will be different, said Student Government Association President Sean Cavanagh of Middletown.

“We brought back sponge relay, which was really popular when I was a freshman. We added a limbo competition, because the sophomores were rallying for a limbo, catchphrase, three-legged race, obstacle course,” Cavanagh said.

Another change to this year’s Color Wars is the teacher in charge: current Student Government Association adviser Principal James Gleason replaced history teacher Sharyn O’Keefe this year as SGA adviser.

“We’ve got a great group of students in the SGA. Up to this, it has been smooth, and I think the SGA is doing a great job,” Gleason said.

This marks seniors’ final Color Wars before graduation. Senior Jess Noé of Tinton Falls said she won’t be focusing on the competition.

“This year is my last year, and I’ve learned to not really care about winning, and to just kind of enjoy it,” Noé said. “I know from experience that the way to win, usually, is to make sure your team is there to enjoy it.”