Black team takes 3 v 3 by storm


Emma Wilenta and Daniel Mopsick

Communications High School students hopped at the opportunity to show off their athletic ability at Wall High School last night, October 15th, in the CHS annual ‘3 v 3 Basketball Tournament’.

Fifteen teams participated in the 11th annual tournament that was hosted by Ms. Clevenger and the Class of 2018. Faculty members such as Mrs. Condon and Ms. Judge came out to show support along with students such as senior Danny Shin.

“Chs kids love the opportunity to show off their ‘sportyness’,” Clevenger said about the event, “Thankfully Wall High School lets us use their gym.”

When the tournament finished there was only a single team left standing, the black team. The black team consisted of senior Julia Greeley, junior Matt Morton, and sophomore Luke Brown. The formidable team, consisting of two high school basketball players, cruised to victory with an undefeated record.

The champions had the privilege of signing the silver championship basketball. Each winning team since the inauguration of the annual tournament has signed the ball after their victory. The ball is displayed in the trophy case in the front hall of Communications.

Both competitive basketball players and non athletic players alike were able to enjoy the event. Games ranged from casual levels of competition to full-contact basketball in the finals of the tournament.

“I loved the tournament. It was fun to see the sporty side of CHS and I’m really glad I did it this year.” said freshman Megan Stanislowski about her first experience with the CHS 3v3 tournament.