Students recognize school violence awareness week

Students recognize school violence awareness week

Kate Ridoux and Izzy Cavazzoni

Communications High School, along with thousands of other schools throughout New Jersey, will be participating in School Violence Awareness Week the week of Oct. 20.

The United States averages one school shooting every five weeks, according to CNN. After devastating incidents such as the Isla Vista and Virginia Tech shootings, legislators and educators feel it is more important than ever to unite and to stop school violence.

Freshmen Emma Wilenta of Rumson-Fair Haven and Julianne Sackett of Wall Township said that they had never heard of the week.

School Violence Awareness Week helps to teach students how to manage anger and conflict in a healthy, non-harmful way. Activities may include tolerance exercises, healthy expression of emotion and peer mediation, according to On the last day of the week, students may be asked to pledge their support to refrain from using violence in school. However, no such activities related to School Violence Awareness Week will be occurring at CHS in the foreseeable future.

“I believe that anti-bullying awareness should be focused on the positives and support a culture of acceptance as opposed to focusing on the negatives of violence,” said Principal James Gleason .

Though violence is brought to the forefront this week, the message of the week according to the state of New Jersey’s website is to maintain kindness and peace in a school setting.

“We have a very accepting student body that is celebrated year-round,” Gleason added.