Class of 2018 “Movie Night” attracts small crowd

Class of 2018 Movie Night attracts small crowd

Emma Wilenta

The class of 2018 hosted a High School Musical “Movie Night” in the cafeteria after school on Friday, December 5th.

Students, mostly freshmen, supported the event by buying tickets throughout the week for three dollars. Sales were slow throughout the week. By the end of Friday the event had sold 40 tickets total.

The freshman class council encouraged attendees to bring blankets or pillows to add to the excitement and feel of the “movie night.”

Many students in attendance sang and danced along to each musical number. Freshman Noone of Middletown stated that the film was a childhood favorite of many of the students.

“Everyone knew almost every word and every dance move. It was fantastic.” Noone said.

The freshmen class council and advisor Ellen Judge felt their first event at CHS was successful despite the uncertainty leading up to the event.

“It’s just that it’s just the unknown. I have never done it before, the freshmen have never done it before. There’s all those things you don’t know.”

Freshmen class council member Kyle Galvin of Middletown said, “It went better than I had initially expected it to go. I think there was a pretty positive reaction and there was higher attendance than I had initially anticipated. “

The amount of upperclassmen in attendance was low. Those who did come to support the freshmen class felt it was a success.

Senior Evan Noone of Middletown said, “It was fine. I think they did a really good job. I don’t know the numbers, but I assume it was successful.’

The freshmen attendance felt that their event served as a further bonding experience.

Freshmen Julianne Sackett of Rumson said, “I thought it was fun. I liked the sing alongs. I think that the people who were criticizing it should’ve come because everyone had so much fun. “