No ‘humbug’ in this holiday production


Kate Ridoux and Daniel Mopsick

At 7 p.m. on the 12th and 13th of December, students, parents, and friends of the CHS Drama Club packed the cafeteria to see their portrayal of Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol”.

According to the Drama Club, ticket sales started off slowly during school the week before, but in the end over 300 tickets were sold.

Initially, the Drama Club hoped to perform “ A Christmas Story” by Jean Shepard according to the director of the play senior Sean Gilbert of Wall. The rights to perform the show were not available, so they instead chose “A Christmas Carol.”

After seeing Saturday’s performance, freshman Izzy Cavazzoni of Wall stated “ I think that everyone did a really good job portraying their characters and the show went really well.”

Not only was the show a great experience for the audience, the cast and crew also claim they enjoyed putting the show together.

According to Gilbert, “ [One] good memory was when I took the actor who played Marley outside on the patio and made him yell as loud as he could until I was happy with the scream for his character. We got some weird looks from the Wall football team practicing on the field.”

Directing a play consisting of peers could be nerve racking at time for Gilbert, but has able to stay cool under the pressure.

“It was definitely a fun experience to direct everything and watch how all the pieces fit together. I never felt weird that I was directing fellow classmates because I know that we all have a shared interest, for them to give the best performances they can give. I just saw it as part of the job description and the cast did a great job following the direction,” Gilbert said.

Freshman Cameron Destefano of Middletown played one of the lead roles, “Tiny Tim” in the play. “Being a part of the show was a fantastic experience. It was great to get to know more people from the school and sort of become a family.”