How to make the most of a frigid winter in Monmouth County

How to make the most of a frigid winter in Monmouth County

Kate Ridoux and Izzy Cavazzoni

New Jersey winters can be unforgiving for its residents. Winter temperatures have averaged a chilly 31.3 degrees Fahrenheit in New Jersey, according to WeatherWorks. As a result, New Jerseyans have a limited range of activities at their fingertips in the frigid months.

To fit in some much needed cardio this winter, the SkyZone indoor trampoline park is available for all ages. Jumping on trampoline causes one’s muscles to contract resulting in blood circulation throughout the body, according to HubPages. SkyZone is a facility covered ceiling to floor with trampolines complete with sectioned areas designated for dodgeball, basketball, a foam pit and more. There is currently a SkyZone in Ocean Township and in Lakewood according to their website,

Another great way to get some exercise is through ice skating. There are plenty of skating rinks around the Monmouth County area on which to take a spin, such as Ice World in Howell, the Jersey Shore Arena in Wall Township, and Old Bridge Ice Arena in Matawan. Freshman Lindsay Kelly of Wall said her favorite winter activity is ice skating.

“It really resonates winter to me and is a great way to have fun in the cold,” Kelly said.

The low temperatures also allow for ponds and lakes to become frozen, making a free, outdoor skating rink. Just be sure to check with the town to make sure the pond is safe for skating.

For moviegoers, the movie theatre enables them to get out of the house, while still staying warm this winter. On its opening weekend, Jan. 9 to Jan. 11, Taken 3 generated large crowds, topping the box office with a gross of over 39 million dollars. American Sniper is another promising film – a 6.8 out of 10, with 99% of moviegoers responding that they are eager to buy their tickets.

“American Sniper seems like it will be a suspenseful and entertaining movie. War movies usually aren’t my type, but I’m looking forward to this one.” said junior Rachel Srolovitz of Manalapan.

Netflix or Hulu offer hours of your favorite television series and big-screen movies in the comfort of one’s home on a cold winter night. Freshman Michelle Etienne of Avon-by-the-Sea classifies herself as an avid Netflix watcher.

“My favorite show on Netflix is definitely Grey’s Anatomy because it gives you an inside look on a hospital and I love Patrick Dempsey,” said Etienne.