Class of 2017 Winter Ball came with a price



BLOT photo by Meagen Meagan McDowell. Students converse over food and drink at Winterball. The cost of the food and drink was included in the ticket.

BY EMMA MCCAFFREY – This year’s Winter Ball came with a price – $10 per ticket before Winter Break and $12 per ticket after Winter Break. The sophomore class’s Winter Ball boasted the highest price tag of any dance this year.

Winter Ball’s theme was Yule Ball, based off of the winter formal in the Harry Potter series, and it featured a cocktail hour at the beginning.

“I think the prices are pretty ridiculous,” said junior Darcy Darbin of Middletown. “When I paid the $10 I thought I would be getting really nice food. It wasn’t actually a cocktail hour, it was just awkward standing.”

Junior Kelly Kay of Monmouth Beach agreed but said she admired the sophomore class for taking advantage of the situation.

“I thought it was overpriced, but everyone still went and people still bought tickets. They knew that would happen, so I guess it was a smart move,” said Kay.

The raised ticket prices didn’t bother senior Matt Recchia of West Long Branch, who said he didn’t even notice a difference.

“I didn’t go to Winter Ball last year so I didn’t even realize that the price was raised this year,” said Recchia.

The sophomore council cashed in on the tendency of many students to wait until the last minute to buy tickets, said sophomore Class President Mark DiSpigna of Lincroft.

“We decided to raise the price for the second week due to the observation that more tickets are usually bought right before an event,” said Dispigna. “Then, it’s also your choice when you choose to buy.”