Messy winter affects school schedules


Emma Wilenta

MCVSD students experienced all three possible school schedule changes this winter during Winter Storm Juno, an early dismissal, delayed opening and snow day.

Freshman Marie Schobel of Sea Girt said the snow day on Jan. 27, the day that semester one finals were scheduled to begin, was the perfect opportunity for some extra study time.

“I took all day to make flash cards. I was definitely more prepared than I would’ve been for my finals with the snow days,” Schobel said.

This first snow day caused Feb. 13 to be put back on the calendar, which was the Friday of Presidents’ Day weekend. Sophomore Luke Brown of Manasquan was not a fan of waiting an extra day to take finals.

“I just wanted to get finals over with, and now we only have a three day weekend for President’s day too.” Brown said.

But President’s Day weekend did end up being a four day weekend due to another snow day on Tuesday, Feb. 17. May 22, the Friday of Memorial Day, was added to the calendar as a result.

Freshman Shao Peterson of Rumson said snow days are a chance to relax and decompress

“I enjoyed having a snow day because I got to sleep in until noon, and that was nice,” Peterson said.

MCVSD’s next snow day will cause the addition of June 18 to the calendar.