Dodgeball tournament, Pajama day begin Spring Spirit Week

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Dodgeball tournament, Pajama day begin Spring Spirit Week

By EMMA MCCAFFREY – Students and faculty roaming through CHS today looked as if they had just rolled out of bed – because they did.

Spring Spirit Week began today at CHS with the traditional Pajama Day. Each grade was awarded a score based on students’ participation in dressing according to the theme.

“Pajama Day is always a popular day,” said junior Lauryn Masciana of Middletown, Vice President of the Student Government Association. “It’s fun to see even teachers get into the spirit.”

During lunch, students gathered in the cafeteria to watch CHS’s second dodgeball competition. According to SGA rules, teams of six from each grade competed for 20 points for first place, 15 points for second place and so on.

The first dodgeball competition was held during Fall Spirit Week, which the juniors won, according to SGA. The Class of 2016 looked to defend their title and started strong with a victory over the freshmen. The seniors followed the juniors’ success with a win of their own over the sophomores.

Following the initial matchups, the freshmen and sophomores battled for third place. The sophomores came out on top and claimed third place while the freshmen came in last, like they did during Fall Spirit Week.

“We were kind of unprepared,” said freshman dodgeball team member Jonathan Slovak of Spring Lake Heights. “We started planning into the game, because we were like, ‘OK we’re losing, so we have to think of something.’”

To end the dodgeball competition, the juniors and seniors battled for first place like they did during Fall Spirit Week. The teams went back and forth until the seniors had two players left and the juniors had three.

Senior Connor Albrecht of Wall turned the match around when he eliminated two of the remaining juniors. The lone junior, Nick Hession of Hazlet, faced Albrecht and fellow senior Emily Winter of Middletown as the game neared its end.

Albrecht was able to get to the final elimination round and secure first place – redemption over the junior class.

Currently, the seniors lead Spring Spirit Week with 20 points, followed by the juniors with 15 points, sophomores with 10 points and the freshmen with 5 points.

Tomorrow, April 28, is Dress Like a Teacher Day. A Jenga competition will be held during lunch.

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