Sophomores win first ever Jenga competition


Emma Wilenta

It may have seemed that CHS suddenly had more teachers on Tuesday, April 27, but only because of the theme of the second day of Spring Spirit Week: Dress Like a Teacher. The sophomores won today’s Jenga competition, the first time the game has been a part of Spirit Week according to SGA.

Senior Erin Heidelberger of Middletown chose to dress like math teacher Justine Lane due to admiration and convenience.

“I love her, and also I had clothes that looked like clothes that she would wear,” Heidelberger said.

An elimination-style Jenga competition commenced during lunch, the first time the block-stacking game has featured during Spirit Week. The competition consisted of three rounds, and the team to cause the stack of blocks to topple over was eliminated.

The freshmen were eliminated in the first round, followed by the juniors in the second round. One member of the freshman team, Kelly Long of Manalapan, said the game put her under pressure.

“It was really nerve-racking, not because everyone was looking at me, but because I didn’t want us to lose,” Long said.

To close out the competition, the seniors and sophomores battled for first place.

After many turns back and forth, the sophomores took first place after senior Hannah Rosie Wallach of Millstone caused the tower to come crashing down.

Sophomore Dani Delgado of Hazlet, a member of the triumphant sophomore team, said practice may have played a part in her grade’s victory. She said a group of sophomores played Jenga during a lunch period in preparation for the competition.

Delgado agreed with Long and said the competition was stressful.

“It was nerve-racking, more just because if you make one wrong move, your entire grade is out … I had a normal amount of nerves, but it wasn’t terrifying.”

At the end of Tuesday, the Class of 2016 and Class of 2017 are tied with 65 points followed by the class of 2015 with 50 points. In last place is the Class of 2018 with 25 points.