Day 4 of Spring Spirit Week brings costumes, cupcakes and duct tape

Kate Ridoux

Day four of Spring Spirit Week was full of activities. Students participated in Dress Like a Movie or Book Character Day, Cupcake Wars and the highly anticipated Duct Tape The Principal event.

Dress Like a Movie or Book Character Day saw a high percentage of participation and creativity. Costumes included Barbie dolls, wizards and the 19 Duggars from the T.V. show “19 Kids and Counting.”

Freshmen Brigid Garrett of Wall, Caroline Savage of Brielle, Courtney Kushner of Colts Neck and Shannon Damiano of Spring Lake Heights teamed up to dress as characters from their favorite movie The Heathers.

“Lots of people at CHS are big Heathers fans, so the attention on our outfits has been really fun,” said Savage.

Thursday’s lunchtime competition was Cupcake Wars. Each grade’s cupcake display was based on a movie: the freshmen chose Big Hero 6, the sophomores chose Jaws, the juniors chose Harry Potter and the seniors chose The Wizard of Oz.

After teacher judges observed the displays and tasted the cupcakes, the sophomores won the competition. Juniors took second, seniors took third and freshmen came in last.

Senior Amelia Henning of Monmouth Beach was in charge of the senior display. She baked and decorated each cupcake.

“We tried to think of the most iconic movie we could replicate, and The Wizard of Oz just popped into all of our heads,” Henning said. “The whole thing took longer than we expected. We spent a few days planning, two days baking and two days decorating. All in all, it took about a week.”

The final competition of lunch was the Duct Tape the Principal fundraiser, held by the National Honor Society as a fundraiser for the NHS and other clubs. Throughout lunch, students purchased duct tape to duct tape Principal James Gleason to a cafeteria wall. One piece was 3 dollars and three pieces were 5 dollars.

When they paid for their duct tape, students could choose which club they wanted the proceeds to go to. The Class of 2015 received the most votes, therefore receiving 50 percent of the profits. Cultural Communications Club had the second most votes and received 25 percent. NHS received the remaining 25 percent. After the duct taping was complete, the stool Gleason stood on was removed so that he hanged from the wall.

Before the taping began, Gleason said, “I’m excited, I got nervous energy, I am ready to go.”

NHS president Emily Winter of Middletown was one of the students who helped organize the Event. She said the idea has been in progress since the beginning of the year.

“I got the idea when I saw that my home high school, Middletown South did it. I saw that they raised a ton of money and immediately went with the idea to Ms. Lane. She thought it was a great idea and that we should incorporate some of the clubs,” said Winter.