2015 SGA Election Preview


Caroline Savage

Student Government Association hopefuls began campaigning last week for the upcoming election, which will be held this Thursday, May 21.

A primary election was held on Monday to narrow down the candidates for the general council from the original 11 to seven. Freshman Jacqueline Geller, sophomores Leo Ross, Mark DiSpigna, Julia Pardee, Kat Holtz and Rebecca Madeira and junior Dan Mopsick were voted through, according to SGA adviser Erin Wheeler.

The executive council positions did not require a primary, because only three candidates are running, which is one below the quota for an election, Wheeler said. The three candidates are freshman Matt Avena and juniors Lauryn Masciana and Shane Nolan.

Holtz, of Hazlet, said she wants to use the position of council member as an opportunity to give back.

“CHS has done so much for me,” Holtz said. “I only find it fair to give back to the students, faculty, and community that has constantly been there for me.”

Holtz also said she thinks student involvement is important in the SGA.

“I would really like to make the school more aware of SGA meetings, which are open to everyone, and decisions made at these meetings,” Holtz said.

Geller, of Manalapan, was the only freshman to make it through the primaries. Geller said she promises to act as a voice for the underclassmen, especially the incoming freshman.

“If somebody had a great suggestion for later SGA events or fundraisers, I would not hesitate to bring it to the board,” Geller said.

She also said she hoped to bring new SGA-sponsored events to CHS.

“I will try my best to promote SGA events and hopefully propose new fundraisers,” Geller said.

But unlike Geller, Nolan, of Bradley Beach, said he doesn’t plan to make major changes to CHS events.

“I would aim to ensure that there are no cancellations or complications with some of the annual CHS events that students traditionally look forward to,” Nolan said. “Even if I’m not elected, I’ll still be an active member at school events and still provide some wacky outfits for Spirit Week.”

Masciana, of Middletown, served as the vice president for the SGA during both her sophomore and junior years.

“I have three years of SGA experience under my belt, and I think that the wisdom is something that is definitely helpful when running for a council like this,” Masciana said. “I plan to keep the annual events running smoothly, keep new ideas circulating in both fall and spring spirit week, and plan another exciting Color Wars.”

As for election day jitters, Masciana said she’s not worried.

“I’m not very nervous for the election because I’ve done it many times already, and I’m confident that I’ll be able to express my thoughts through my speech,” she said.

Photo credits to Kate Ridoux.