Week of Respect aims to maintain safe school environment

Dylan Josephson

Communications High School participated in New Jersey’s annual Week of Respect, starting Monday, Oct. 5 through Oct. 9, along with many other schools across the state.

The Week of Respect is an “opportunity to highlight and build upon these efforts (of harassment, intimidation, and bullying prevention) by engaging students in age-appropriate instruction,” according to a memo sent to school administrators by the New Jersey Department of Education on Sept. 29.

Last year, students wore blue shirts on Monday, in order to take part in Blue Shirt Day, the World Day of Bullying Prevention. Sophomore Carly Drabeck of Oceanport plans on partaking in the event.

“I think it’s a good cause to support because we all should remember to respect one another” Drabeck said. “I look forward to seeing the halls filled with blue.”

Another student, Sophomore Ronan Leahy of Colts Neck said that he would wear blue as long as he can remember Monday morning.

“In my opinion, it is important to put an end to bullying and overall make the world a better place for everyone,” Leahy said.

Sophomore Abigail Karl of Monmouth Beach had a lot to say regarding bullying at CHS and bullying at other high schools.

“I feel like CHS is way too small of a school for there to be bullying; everyone knows everyone, and I honestly think that no one at CHS has any interest or need to bully anyone,” Karl said. “However, other high schools are a different story. There are more kids and a bigger need for conformity.”

The Communications High School website also mentions how students should be treated within the walls of the school.

“All members of the school community will be treated with dignity and respect,” according to the belief statements of CHS. “Individuality, creativity and originality should be respected and appreciated.”