Fall spirit week opens up with ‘Pajama Day’ and a new event


Michelle Etienne

The annual Fall Spirit week began today, Oct. 26th, with the traditional Monday theme of pajama day.

Monday’s lunchtime competition this year was the candy toss, in which four volunteers from each grade pair up. One person tosses candy behind their head while another catches the candy in a bucket.

This year, a weeklong scavenger hunt was introduced as a new event to spirit week. Before the lunch/activities period, clues were announced over the loudspeaker. As lunch began, members of each class were tasked to collect all the items and bring them to SGA members for scoring.

Monday’s requirements included a teacher’s edition math book, a Hawaiian $10 bill, Secretary Catherine Kuwera’s signature, a window-opener stick, a pair of sunglasses, a CHS t-shirt and a teacher’s mug, thermos or cup. Participants from each grade raced around school to be the first ones with all of the first day’s clues.

Sophomore class president Ebbie Shim of Spring Lake Heights said she is proud of her class’ participation in the first event of spirit week.

“I’m really excited. I haven’t seen anyone who hasn’t dressed up for pajama day, which is awesome,” Shim said.

Junior Sydney Smith of Tinton Falls had a positive outlook on pajama day.

“I would say it’s not my favorite … it’s probably like my second favorite because I really enjoy it,” Smith said.

Freshman Gia Caruso of Howell also said she enjoys the day’s theme.

“I’m only a freshman, but I enjoy it so far,” Caruso said.

Shim said that Monday’s competition will set the class of 2018 up for later success in the rest of the weeks events.

“We have a shot at winning stuff this year, whereas last year we didn’t win anything. This year we have a shot, and candy toss will determine that,” Shim said.

The senior class won the first day of the weeklong scavenger hunt. The juniors came in second, sophomores in third and the freshmen in last.

The winner of this year’s candy toss was the junior class, followed by the seniors in second, sophomores in third and the freshmen in last.

Photo credits to Audrey Mannion.