CHS dresses the part for Fancy Day

Caroline Savage

The halls of Communications were more formal than usual on Tuesday. The theme of the second day of Fall Spirit Week was Fancy Day.

Many female students, such as sophomore Samantha LaRochelle of Middletown, celebrated the day by wearing dresses.

“I wore my eighth grade formal dress,” LaRochelle said. “I take fancy day very seriously.”

On the other end of the spectrum, the majority of male students chose to wear a button down shirt and a tie.

The competition of the day was Jenga, which was played in the cafeteria during the second half of lunch. One by one, a member of each class removed blocks from the Jenga stack until the tower fell. Eliminations occurred based upon which class caused the tower to fall. The seniors were eliminated first, followed by the freshmen, then the juniors. The sophomore class won the competition.

Senior class president Sallie Haas of Deal wasn’t upset by the loss considering the circumstances, saying “considering we picked our team on the fly, our team did pretty well”.

At the end of the day, the Class of 2016 remained in the lead with 100 points, followed closely by the Class of 2017 with 95 points. The Class of 2018 was in third with 60 points, and the Class of 2019 remained last with 45 points.