Punk/grunge clothing and scarecrows mark day four of fall spirit week

Punk/grunge clothing and scarecrows mark day four of fall spirit week

Kate Ridoux

Day four of fall spirit week consisted of Punk/Grunge Day and the scarecrow decorating contest. Throughout the halls, flannels, band t-shirts, ripped jeans and black clothing stretched as far as the eye can see.

Sophomore Lauren Spiezia of Manalapan said that she had been excited for Thursday’s clothing theme all week.

“I pretty much dress grunge every day, so today felt like any other day, and it was cool to see everyone else try out a style that may not be normal for them,” Spiezia said.

Though she would not describe her everyday style as ‘grunge,’ junior Julianna Belas of Monmouth Beach said she enjoyed the theme.

“I voted for punk/grunge to be a theme for spirit week, because I thought it would be different. So far, it has been pretty fun,” said Belas.

The weeklong scavenger hunt continued today. The list included a dictionary, a Starbucks cup, an item whose name starts with the letter K, an ace of spades card, a computer mouse, a set of teacher’s car keys and something (faux) leather.

The freshmen came in first place, followed by the seniors in second. The sophomores came in third and the juniors finished last.

For the lunchtime competition, each grade was asked to come prepared with a decorated scarecrow and set it up in the cafeteria for judging. The seniors came in first with their scarecrow representation of a ‘typical’ senior, surrounded by college mail, standardized test booklets and coffee cups. The sophomores placed second with their “Marilyn Moncrow”-themed scarecrow, the juniors came in third with their Pirates of the Caribbean-inspired scarecrow, which they named “Jacksparecrow.” Placing last, the freshmen combined elements of each spirit week theme into one scarecrow.

Sophomore Jonathan Slovak of Spring Lake Heights said he was impressed with this year’s scarecrows.

“All of the scarecrows were even better than I anticipated, but I have to say my favorite was the seniors’. It looked like they spent a lot of time on it, and their concept was very original,” Slovak said.