School wide field trip was enjoyable for some, boring for others

Dylan Josephson and Patrick Taylor

This Tuesday Nov. 24, all of CHS, or all who handed in permission slips, boarded their assigned buses and took off for Two River Theater in Red Bank.

As students and faculty arrived, the cast of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum was busy preparing for the show, leaving time for an introduction to be given by the head of the education department.

Sophomore Shannon Damiano of Spring Lake Heights enjoyed the play.

“I thought the play was hilarious, and I think the all male cast really added to the entire experience,” Damiano said.

Another student, freshman James Krall of Middletown appreciated the comedy in the show.

“I really loved the humor in the play, and the references to other pieces, like Monty Python,” Krall said.

Sophomore Ronan Leahy of Colts Neck had a different perspective on the play.

“I would’ve liked to have seen something different,” Leahy said. “The play was funny at some parts, but mostly I thought the comedy was kind of childish.”

Junior Rebecca Madeira of Howell had mixed feelings about the play.

“I thought it was fun, the set was beautiful, the cast was amazing,” Madeira said. “Obviously it was a bit crude, so it wouldn’t necessarily be the kind of show I would be comfortable watching with my whole family, which is a shame because it was so great.”

Technology teacher Laura Gesin was the mastermind behind the trip.

Gesin said that a trip to Two River Theater to see “Be More Chill” with former Biotechnology High School employee, Michelle Lampinen was what sparked her interest in bringing CHS to the theater. At an information session following the show, she signed the papers for CHS to go to see A Funny Thing on the Way to the Forum.

“It also helped that the parent of a CHS graduate runs the educational program at Two River Theater,” Gesin said.

Gesin also wanted to thank Mrs. Hynes and Mrs. Kuwera in the front office, Mr. Gleason, and Mrs. Clevenger as well.

“I’m very thankful for the support of this trip I’ve received from the staff and students here at CHS. A trip this size takes a lot of work not only on my part over the last 5 months.”