Class of 2018 prepares for Winter Ball

Izzy Cavazzoni

As the days grow shorter and the sun begins to set sooner, CHS students look forward not only to the holiday season, but to Winter Ball, too. Winter Ball is a semi-formal dance typically held in the beginning of January.

As per tradition, the sophomore class will host this year’s Winter Ball on Friday, Jan. 8. The Class of 2018 recently revealed that this year’s theme has been dubbed ‘Winter in the City’ through a series of commercials that were broadcast on the morning announcements.

Even though Winter Ball is not until January, the sophomore class council began preparing over the summer, treasurer Matthew Avena of Middletown said.

“We started preparing over the summer … so we’ve been thinking about it for a long time. We started getting the decorations in now, we have everything planned and it’s coming together very nicely,” Avena said.

The sophomore class council allowed the entire grade to sign up for committees for the dance, too, including decorations, ticket sales, advertisements and food.

Sophomore Maura DeRose of Middletown, also on the Class of 2018 council, poses as the events coordinator, to ensure that plans run smoothly in time for the event. Sophomore Jackie Geller of Manalapan, vice president of the Class of 2018, is in charge of the ticket sales committee. Geller and others on this committee have been entrusted with designing the tickets, as well as selling them at lunch.

“We’re getting [tickets] printed this week, hopefully, and we will start selling on Monday,” Geller said.

Avena also hinted at some of the inspiration behind ‘Winter in the City’ and what CHS should expect.

“I think it’s good to show the diversity in cities and to include all of the holidays,” mentioned Avena.

Winter Ball ticket sales begin the week before winter break, starting at $10. After break, the tickets will be sold for $12 during lunch.