Winter in the City


Dylan Josephson

Last Friday, Jan. 8, students from both CHS and other schools gathered together for a night of dancing, food and fun for the school’s annual Winter Ball. This year, the theme was Winter in the City.

The Class of 2018 portrayed the theme in several ways. A city skyline made of paper covered one wall of the cafeteria, and the DJ encouraged everyone to grab a marker and sign their name. Inside each locker pod, a different part of New York City was represented: food from Chinatown , Little Italy and the street.

Freshman Kevin Clark of Spring Lake Heights said that he really enjoyed his first Winter Ball experience.

“It was really great because just getting together to dance with your friends for hours is a really fun thing,” Clark said. “I think my favorite part was when they played Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Sophomore Brigid Garrett of Wall said she enjoyed the dance.

“I really liked when they played Jason Derulo because I can get down to Jason Derulo,” Garrett said.

Senior Sallie Haas of Deal said that she had a lot of fun at her final Winter Ball.

“My favorite part was being with my friends. As seniors, we’ve had a lot of stress with college applications, and we haven’t been focused on fun in a while,” Haas said. “So us all being together for our last Winter Ball was my favorite part.”

The sophomore class sold 295 tickets to the dance and were very happy with the way everything turned out, sophomore class Vice President Jacqueline Geller of Manalapan and council member Matt Avena of Middletown said.

“I definitely think Winter Ball was successful. The sophomore class really put their heart into the event and the outcome was incredible,” Geller said.

Avena agreed and said that it was nice to see everyone having a good time.

“My favorite part was finally getting to see all of our hard work come together and seeing people come in and enjoy themselves,” Avena said.