‘Girls Night Out’ returns to CHS for second year


Kate Ridoux

On Friday Feb. 19, CHS will host its second annual Girls Night Out. Girls Night Out, which takes place after school, is a night full of student bonding and female empowerment.
Initially, the night was scheduled to consist of two parts – the seminars and the lock-in sleepover. Due to lack of participation, however, this year’s lock-in portion , which was only open to female attendees, has been canceled, and the event will end at 11 p.m..
From 7 to 11 p.m., students listen in on several presentations discussing topics such as vocation, health and general independence. These presentations are lead by women of varying ages and backgrounds who are successful in their line of work. these women consider themselves strong independent females in today’s society, and strive to teach students how to be the same. The seminar portion of the evening is open to all students, both male and female.
Daria Belikov, the founder of GNO, said that she started the event because “it just needed to happen.”
“Why I started GNO is easy; it just seemed like a great idea to spread and encourage self-determination. Honestly, why wouldn’t you want to help boost empowerment?” Belikov said.
Sophomore Samantha LaRochelle of Middletown attended GNO last year, and is excited to participate again this year.
“I loved a lot of the presentations and spending time with all of the CHS girls I love so much. I am very excited to attend GNO again this year,” LaRochelle said.

2015 GNO attendees take a quick picture during the lock-in.
2015 GNO attendees take a quick picture during the lock-in.

Photo credits to Patricia Lowney.