Seniors’ strong start to spirit week


Michelle Etienne

The annual Spring Spirit week kicked off April 18, with the first theme of pajama day.

During second half of lunch and activity period on Monday students participated in the egg and spoon race. Four students from each grade were selected for the race. Each student had to balance an egg on a spoon while walking around a cone and passing it off to the next participant. As each person passed off the egg, the spoon size got smaller.

SGA introduced a new event this spirit week. Each day students from each class bring in clothing to donate. The clothing is measured in garbage bags and at the end of each day counted and added to the daily tally of points for each grade.

The seniors took the lead with a total of 25 bags counting as 20 points. Juniors came in a close second with only 24 bags for 15 points. Sophomores came in third with 17 bags for 10 points, and the freshman finished last with 10 bags for 5 points.

The egg and spoon race ended with the sophomores in first place, freshman for second, seniors in third, and the juniors in last place.

Sophomore participant  Megan Stanislowski of Wall discussed her difficulties throughout the race.

“The actual walking part wasn’t that hard because it was a tiny spoon and big egg but it was still easy to balance,” Stanislowski said. “It was the passing off that was very difficult.”

Sophomore class council treasurer Matt Avena of Middletown discussed the success of his class on the first day of spirit week.

“I was very excited. Coming from the past three spirit weeks we haven’t really won consistently. It was nice to start off with a win.” Avena said.

After the first day of spirit week the senior class is in first with 50 point. Following is the sophomores with 45 total points, the juniors with 40 points, and in last the freshman with 30 total points.

The SGA President Lauryn Masciana commented on the first day’s events.

“[Monday was] one of the most successful and involved spirit weeks I’ve run in the past four years.”