Fashion history repeats itself

Kate Ridoux

Bellbottoms, chokers, oversized band tees, jelly sandals. The list goes on and on. Look back at any old photo of your parents and they’re sure to say, “Oh god, what was I wearing? What was I thinking?”
Despite these cringe-worthy reactions, history tends to repeat itself, especially in the world of fashion. Trends of years past often come back decades after their prime.
What gives a trend the power to resurrect decades later? Sophomore Michelle Etienne of Avon thinks she has an explanation.
“There is something about the vintage vibe that is really appealing to people. It’s really in right now,” Etienne said.
Bethany Mayfield, a writer for and author of the article “Why do fashion trends always return,” believes vintage trends often make a comeback because designers want to create clothes that “work.”
“Designers look to the past and see what worked, and what didn’t,” Mayfield said. “Much like music today, you rarely get an original; we sample someone else for the background and add our own twist.” fashion writer Erin Mckelle Fischer noticed a distinct parallel between the styles of the 70s and 90s with popular styles today.
Over four decades later, the 70s are still making their mark on fashion trends today, through popular items like bellbottoms, flowery tops, suedes and flower crowns.
And over 25 years after the 90s grunge movement, trends such as choker necklaces, Doc Martens, black leather jackets, oversized flannels and band tees remain alive and well today.
Junior Caroline Collins of Tinton Falls has seen the 90s trend work its way back into the present day, and even into her own closet.
“I do see some 90s influence in my style. Denim is definitely coming back, and that grunge look is super in,” Collins said.
Seeing that trends of the 70s and 90s have made their way into present-day fashion, one can only imagine what sort of current trends will reappear in our children’s generation, or maybe even our grandchildren’s generation. No matter what the styles may be, one thing is for sure: be careful what clothes you throw away, because 20 years from now, you might just see them on the runway.