Gleason says ‘No dancing’ for Back to School dance


Grace Maloney

Students of all grades “cut footloose” at the back-to-school dance.

Cowboy boots and flannels filled the cafeteria on Friday for the annual back-to-school dance. CHS students, both new and old, danced through the night.

The senior class held the first dance of the season and provided both of the DJs, seniors Kevin Dixson of Wall and Karly Nolan of Bradley Beach. The grade decorated the cafeteria with “Footloose”-themed decorations and arranged snacks for students such as pretzels, brownies and other refreshments.

Two days before the dance, the council even had Principal James Gleason make a “Footloose”-themed announcement on the morning announcements.

“So I heard there’s some sort of a ‘Footloose’-themed dance this Friday,” Gleason said. “And I just want to make this as clear as I can: there is absolutely no dancing of any kind allowed at any time anywhere within the limits of CHS.”

Senior Kierin Rogers of Middletown was proud of how the dance went.

“So this was the seniors last dance that we put together, and it was just a really great bonding experience. And I’ll remember it forever,” Rogers said.

The classic theme song for the movie “Footloose” was played along with more popular hits from artists such as Ariana Grande, Drake, Flo Rida and Justin Bieber.

Aside from all the dancing students, there was also a photo booth run by Photo Club. The photo booth was held in a locker pod that was adorned with twinkling lights and barrels of hay.

Although the dance was sponsored by the senior class, students of all grades attended. Freshman Ben Hewson of Fair Haven said he enjoyed his first dance at CHS.

“Even as a freshman I felt like I knew everyone. The environment was great, and everyone was having an awesome time. Along with other people, I was laughing, dancing and having a lot of fun,” Hewson said. “It wasn’t like any other dance I’ve been to before.”