New AP schedule allows elective flexibility


Catherine Escueta

Students take a test in an all-senior AP Calculus class, which is part of the new schedule changes.

Izzy Cavazzoni

As a career academy focused on communications-based studies, only two Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered to eligible students at CHS: Calculus and Studio Art. In the past, juniors and seniors enrolled in AP Calculus have lost space in their schedule for an elective. But this year, Principal James Gleason has chosen a different route for those taking the class.

Due to the rigorous nature of the course, it runs every day all year, deviating from the semester-based schedule currently in place. Yet this year, the eight juniors taking the course were separated from the seniors. The senior calculus class will run as traditionally scheduled: second period, every day for the entirety of the year.  

But the junior calculus class will share their fourth period with English 3, said AP Calculus teacher Debbie Maher. This means the junior calculus class will meet every other day, alternating days with their standard English 3 course.  As a result, the juniors will not lose space for an elective, taking two electives like the rest of their classmates.  

Junior Cara Pesciotta of Millstone believes the modified schedule reduces the stress that comes with taking an AP course.

“The best thing about [the schedule] is getting to keep two electives,” Pesciotta said. “It’s nice to have breaks in between class so we have more time for homework.”

Despite their differing schedules, both classes will still take the regularly scheduled AP Calculus exam on May 9, 2016.