CHS celebrates Week of Respect


Sarah McNey

Each year, CHS celebrates the Week of Respect in October, along with many other public schools in the state. This year, the Week of Respect falls on Oct. 3-7 and aims to provide “age-appropriate instruction focusing on preventing harassment, intimidation, or bullying,” according to the New Jersey Education Association.

Sophomore Ally Weitzman of Marlboro believes that the Week of Respect addresses an important issue.

“Especially in a school environment, kids should respect one another so everyone can feel welcome,” Weitzman said.

Sophomore Lauren DeFelice of Wall said that bullying and expressing disrespect are some of the worst things a person can do.

“As bullying becomes more and more common, victims need to know they have an ally,” DeFelice said.

Some teachers are incorporating the week of respect into their lesson plans. Shelley Ortner’s Visual Communications students are designing typography posters that integrate a theme of respect, and Health III classes are creating collages that incorporate the definition of respect, said nurse and health teacher Dorothy Condon. Condon believes her students have gained a lot from the activity.

“It gives them a chance to think about what’s important to them,” said Condon. “Most of my students do write that people respect them for who they are and for their own opinions.”

Condon also stresses the importance of engaging in the week’s activities.

“The Week of Respect gives us all the opportunity to review our own definitions of what respect is to each other and how it affects us in our lives,” Condon said. “It’s a really great way to reflect.”