CHS transforms into election central


Audrey Mannion

Students sign up to participate in the mock election.

Emma Wilenta

This week, CHS will began its preparations for the 2016 Presidential Mock Election, a tradition that occurs every four years, coinciding with the national presidential elections said Inkblot adviser Mrs. Mulshine.

Each year, The Inkblot heads the project, led by adviser and journalism teacher Andi Mulshine. This year five students have been chosen to represent the five candidates running for presidency: Donald Trump of the Republican party, Hillary Clinton of the Democratic party, Jill Stein of the Green party , Darrell Castle of the Constitution party and Gary Johnson of the Libertarian party.

Junior Zoe McDonnell of Middletown will act as Jill Stein, junior Matt Avena of Middletown as Castle, freshman Sawyer Barth of West Long Branch as Johnson, senior Maddie Curtis of Spring Lake Heights as Clinton and junior Jonathan Slovak of Spring Lake Heights as Trump.

Ms. Lane serves as the faculty advisor for Trump, Mrs. Lang as the advisor for Clinton, Ms. Crelin for Stein, Mrs. O’Keefe for Castle and for Ms. Vander Velde for Johnson.

Meetings for each candidate’s campaign team took place during lunch today. Room numbers were posted outside Room 107.

Students are also encouraged to be involved in other committees involving the elections. The Political Action Committee (PAC) advised by Mrs. Ortner, Common Cause advised by Mr. Godkin and Election Bureau advised by Mrs. Morgan are looking for members to work on their teams, and they also met during lunch today.

Campaigning will continue up until the elections which will be held on Oct. 25.