The Green Party starts strategizing


Catherine Escueta

Junior Zoe McDonnell of Middletown leads her first rally for the Green Party.

Sarah McNey

The mock election is underway at CHS and the Green Party held its first meeting on Friday, Oct. 14. Junior Zoe McDonnell of Middletown is running as Jill Stein for the Green Party.

McDonnell began the meeting by introducing herself and her team, consisting of campaign manager junior Nicole Falcone of Allenhurst, treasurer junior Christina Flynn of Middletown and spokesperson junior Caroline Savage of Brielle.

McDonnell then explained Stein’s major policies and her heavy emphasis on environmental and social issues. Stein is an advocate for clean energy and combating pollution, as well as promoting racial and social justice. The Green Party candidate has lead initiatives to “fight environmental racism and injustice, to promote healthy communities, to strengthen local green economies, and to revitalize democracy,” according to Stein’s official website.  

One of McDonnell’s main goals for her campaign is to inform the student body about Stein. Though some students may side with Stein on major issues, many are unaware of the Green Party altogether, McDonnell said. The campaign committee aims to raise awareness with  advertisements, buttons, stickers and rallies. The committee also plans to publicize the campaign through the use of social media, such as Twitter.

The Green Party will continue to meet and discuss strategy in the weeks leading up to the election, which will be held on Oct. 25.