Classes compete in flip-off on grunge day

Freshman Brian Schade of Tinton Falls participated in the Flip-off.

Audrey Mannion

Freshman Brian Schade of Tinton Falls participated in the Flip-off.

Neil Estrada

Spirit Week entered it’s third day today with Punk/Grunge Day, the Flip-Off Competition and the daily Scavenger Hunt.

Punk/Grunge Day meant wearing beanies and flannels for some, but for others, Punk Grunge Day meant going all-out with dark eyeliner, dark hair dye and leather jackets. The participation points given out were 20 for all grades except the sophomores, who earned 15.

The Scavenger Hunt took off at 10:30 with participants seeking items including  black eyeliner, physics teacher Steve Godkin’s signature, a watch set to 4:49 PM, a PSFA directory, a musical instrument and pumpkin scented hand sanitizer.

The sophomores finished the  Scavenger Hunt first, followed by the freshmen, juniors and seniors, respectively.

The final event of the day was the Flip-Off: a water-bottle flipping tournament where students would face off to see who could flip a water bottle and land it on it’s base or cap vertically first. If the first person to go flipped successfully, the second person could flip in response to tie things up. If they flipped successfully, the game resumed. There were also more rules about flipping it and landing it on it’s cap which never came it to play as it was always flipped on it’s base. This information was provided by Inkblot Editor Julia Pardee.

The victor, freshman Brian Schade of Tinton Falls made it through four rounds for a finals championship. Schade said the Class of 2020 still has a chance to take the gold in their first spirit week.

“I think that if we keep trying and playing like we are in last place, trying to get to first ,that we can win it all,”  Schade said.

As of today, the seniors are in first place with 155 points, followed by the sophomores with 130 points, the juniors with 115 points and the freshmen with 110 points.